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    Africa Agriculture Status Report 2014

    Humanity is at an environmental crossroads, and the long-term welfare of literally billions of people is at stake. Climate change has been sneaking up on us for many decades – some say ever since the advent of the Industrial Revolution – but it is only relatively recently that steps began to be taken to confront […]

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    Africa Agriculture Status Report 2015

    With almost 200 million people aged 15-24, Africa has the youngest population in the world. Each year, 10 million young Africans enter the continent’s workforce, more than ever before. This highlights the great challenge of youth unemployment, but it could also be seen as a great opportunity to encourage youth to be the engine behind the development of new agricultural […]

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    Launch of the Kenya Soil Health Consortium (KSHC)

    Launch Purpose To operationalise the activities of the KSHC for enhanced sharing and dissemination of ISFM Knowledge, Information and Technologies (KITs) for increased crop productivity, food security and incomes of smallholder farmers in Kenya. Launch participants The launch was officiated by the Director, KARI on 4th June 2013. KARI is the host institution of KSHC. […]

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