Dr. Nesbert Mangale, Project Coordinator, KSHC

The Kenya Soil Health Consortium (KSHC) is a 3-year project funded by AGRA with the objective of collecting, inventorising, synthesizing and harmonizing all the generated Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) technologies in Kenya for enhanced adoption by smallholder farmers and increase agricultural productivity in the country.

The Consortium seeks to establish a collaborative Forum that will:

  • Improve access to ISFM inputs and technologies
  • Enhance the capacity of generators and disseminators of ISFM technologies to harmonize the approaches, recommendations and protocols and develop knowledge products for end users
  • Enhance the dissemination of ISFM technologies by developing appropriate knowledge products

KSHC is expected to improve communication amongst key stakeholders in soil health research and development in Kenya. It will be hosted at KARI Kabete, and project activities will be implemented by the its secretariat, comprising of a coordinator and a deputy co-coordinator under the direction of a Steering Committee that will be drawn from research, policy, extension, private sector and donor representative. The Consortium’s stakeholder forum will draw representation from national and international research organizations, policy, extension, national farmer organizations and the private sector (input and credit providers, manufacturers).

The Consortium will have a documentation centre, also available online, with up-to-date publications on ISFM research in Kenya for ease of access by its members and other interested parties. This will include a quarterly publication, the Kenya ISFM Digest, which will be circulated online to members. KHSC will provide lobbying and advocacy support through the development of policy briefs and technical papers aimed at improving linkages with policy makers at national and county levels.

The consortium will be implemented as a sub-grantee to the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI), who will coordinate the activities of KSHC. IPNI will also support training activities and facilitate linkages with similar initiatives in Africa.